The journey of any beautiful diamond begins with the material it was polished from and we are  committed to securing only the finest rough from the DTC, ALROSA, BHP, DOMINION and their associates throughout the world. Our manufacturing excellence is accompanied by business ethics and capability to respond positively to the changing needs of our clients.

Our services to you include the supply of small stones, calibrated goods for larger production, as well as meeting your own specific production requirements, plus direct access to some of the most experienced minds in the business to support you every step of the way.

We manufacture Virtually all the shapes with the speciality of Rounds & princess. We have a special division for making custom shapes & customised faceting as per the retailers requirements . Round stones are available from .005 points to 5 carats and fancies from .01 points to 5 carats.


Our standing inventories include D to M colors and VVS to I3 clarities. GIA/IGI/HRD and GSI certificates can be provided for all diamonds from 30 points and up.


Programs for diamond studs, pendants, and jewelry is a cornerstone of our business.

Through our Bridal Division the latest styles and designs can be constructed into programs so that stores will always be supplied with the latest trends. Extensive research by our Marketing Office keeps us privy to the ever-changing fashions so that your inventory is that which is in vogue and popular.


State of the art factories with a strong Team of over 1200 personals who excel in diffent task, strives to bring out best. Latest Machinery tools & equipments such as sarin helium boiling ensure accuracy, perfection quick turnaround time 

  All rough are scrutinized and examined before it is sourced to ensure that it fulfills the strict standards that is required to enter into our inventory.

  It is important that we provide careers, not just jobs, while maintaining clean, safe conditions with reasonable working hours.